Designed to serve the growing demands and needs of the Global Aggregate Spend community

Product Overview

Alanda Global Transparency Reporting is a Global Aggregate Spend platform for the Life Sciences industry.  Global Transparency Reporting provides its users with a wide array of features designed to help them confidently meet their Global Spend transparency reporting obligations. Our solution also offers Spend monitoring and business intelligence that extends beyond the context of regulatory requirements. Our configurable, out-of-the box solution is able to handle all Global Transparency Reporting requirements, including all associated currency and language needs.

Global Transparency Reporting has additional modules and multi-level support options that further alleviate the burden of aggregate Spend transparency.

Product Overview

Alanda Global Transparency is a highly-configurable hosted solution that is integrated with an enterprise reporting platform. Spend data is absorbed through files, with flexible header configuration. Once in the system, data is automatically enriched according to configurable rules, recipients are matched to Master Data, and any remaining data quality errors are flagged for manual review. Our solution is Master Data neutral, integrates with SAP Concur through a certified webs-service Connector, handles all currency exchange requirements, and exposes all Spend for business intelligence beyond the context of regulatory reporting obligations.

Global Transparency Add Ons


  • Rules
  • Consume
  • Cleanse
  • Transparency
  • Monitor
  • Global
  • Modules
  • Recipients



  • Regulatory Reports: all global Regulatory jurisdictions
  • Regulatory Categorizations: translate Spend into regulatory taxonomies
  • Gap Reports: help identify missing reportable recipients
  • Submission Tracking: track every record submitted for every regulatory report, including CMS, EFPIA, and others (optional module)


  • Threshold Monitoring: receive emails when individual or aggregated Spend transactions exceed configurable thresholds
  • Business Intelligence: built-in reports summarize data quality issues and spending patterns
  • Audit Trail: all changes to Spend data and rule configuration are recorded


  • Global Instance: a single instance of the software accommodates global Spend quality needs
  • Currency Exchange: Spark supports exchange rate conversion for over 150 currencies
  • International reports: CMS and US state reports, EFPIA, France, ABPI, and more
  • Multilingual: supports multiple languages, set by user preference
  • Segmentation: can partition access to Spend and Master data by country


  • Software Enhancements: add custom capabilities to the core software
  • Submission Tracking: track every record submitted for every regulatory report, including CMS, EFPIA, and others
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting: access all of your data in a drag-and-drop reporting environment
  • CMS Open Payments Analytics: view and analyze the CMS published data via powerful dashboards and reports


  • Versatility: can consume all Master data sets, including dedicated Master Data firms and internally-managed Master Data teams
  • Augmentation: Alanda augments Master Data with Regulatory profile information (VPL, NPPES, Teaching Hospitals, the MA Recipient List, etc.)
  • Multilingual: support for Master Data profiles in native languages
  • Recipient Matching Engine: allows for multiple recipient matching rules
  • Manual Matching: can directly search the Master Data for desired HCPs/HCOs


  • Reporting Rules: determine each transaction’s reportability to regulatory bodies
  • Matching Rules: automatically associate Spend recipients with Master Data
  • Quality Rules: enforce clean data standards
  • Enrichment Rules: automatically clean data
  • Easy Customization: all rules are configurable through the user interface


  • Quick Start: baseline system configuration consumes data in various formats
  • Concur Automation: use Concur Connector to consume Concur Spend automatically
  • Customize: easily configure software to consume data in different formats
  • UI Spend Management: create and manage Spend through the user interface


  • Data Quality Engine: baseline quality rules enforce regulatory requirements; additional rules easy to configure
  • Data Enrichment Engine: automatically fill in blanks, standardize data, and perform lookups
  • Manual Error Remediation: fix individual records, perform inline grid editing