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Healthcare Network – Open Payments Analytics

Analytics of Open Payments Spend for your HCPs

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Healthcare Network Analytics Platform

70+ million Open Payments Records

We find only your HCPs in the Open Payments data

Assess risk tied to HCPs’ interactions with Life Sciences companies

Easy to understand, interactive dashboards 

Get started reviewing data within days

Affordable. Detailed. Out-of-the-box Analytics.

Healthcare Network – Open Payments Analytics

HCPs associated with Healthcare Networks are interacting with Pharmaceutical and Medical Device manufacturers. These interactions are reported to CMS, with exposure to the OIG and DOJ. We have the details.

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  • March of each year, all Life Sciences manufacturers report their Spend on HCPs to CMS
  • June of each year, CMS publishes all of the Spend they have gathered
  • Each year Alanda processes the Spend published by CMS
  • Alanda has formulated an analytics solution based on the CMS Spend
  • Ready to go, out-of-the-box dashboards.
  • Give us your HCPs of interest, we’ll find them for you in CMS data
  • We’ll show you all of the details of their interactions.
  • We’ll show you their activity as Principle Investigators
  • Get started reviewing data within days
  • Affordable setup and seats on the analytics platform

Minimize Risk! Gain Insight into Open Payments Analytics Spend for Your HCPs.

Analyze Spend on your HCPs

Review all Spend activity in the US, given either directly or indirectly to doctors and mid-tier practitioners associated with your Healthcare Network.

With straightforward and easy to read dashboards, you’ll be able to see potential conflicts of interest and other issues, minimizing exposure to risk from OIG and DOJ. Easily see the related Manufacturers, Products, Dates, Amounts, Types of interactions and more, found in Open Payments data.

Analyze Spend on your HCPs

Healthcare Network
Open Payments Analytics

Features & Pricing
Per Seat Cost
$ 2,500
yearly per seat
  • All Healthcare Network Dashboards
  • Interactive Analytics Platform
  • Group pricing discounts available
Advanced Options
$ 10,000+
  • Mid-Market License HCP Limit 5,000
  • Enterprise License HCP Limit Over 5,000
  • Group Discounts – Five Seats of more

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Alanda Reporting solution was quick and easy

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Alanda’s ACM solution reduced our risk

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