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Global HCP Engagements – How to Successfully Replace an Existing Solution

When is the right time to make the difficult decision to replace an entrenched technology solution that is breaking the business process it was supposed to enable?


Over the course of several years, internal business users started to find ways to work around the HCP & HCO Engagement solution, which had never lived up to its promise of improving their ability to properly execute engagements.  It was time to make a wholesale change when the risk associated with transactions outside of the system, and general user dissatisfaction, was outweighing the time and effort it might take to execute a replacement.


  • The existing solution was difficult to use, creating a broken business process.
  • The existing solution was not configurable, requiring a constant stream of time and money for each change request.
  • The client felt abandoned by the provider, without any good options in the marketplace.


  • A global, configurable, compliance forward HCP/HCO Engagement solution that was immediately accepted by our business users.
  • By designing the solution with a simplicity of use and a clean flow in mind, many other issues disappeared.
  • Timing Metrics, Audit Trail, Completeness, Approval Flexibility.
  • Highly Configurable: The ability to add and change fields, rules, activity types, approval flows.
  • Fully Global: In use in eleven languages, multiple currencies and GDPR aware.
  • Cost effective: Priced like a cloud solution, not a work for hire.

“We saw an immediate user acceptance to our Activity Management solution and process. Alanda worked with us to streamline the amount of time to complete all steps in the engagement workflow by eliminating roadblocks that had caused people to not want to use the previous system.”

Associate Director, Compliance Operations


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Case Study
June 21, 2022