Designed to serve the growing demands and needs of the Global Aggregate Spend community

Product Overview

Consummate Spark™ is a Global Aggregate Spend platform for the Life Sciences industry. Spark provides its users with a wide array of features designed to help them confidently meet their Global Spend transparency reporting obligations. The Spark platform also offers monitoring and insight into Spend practices that go far beyond regulatory requirements. Consummate Spark is ready out of the box to handle CMS, States, France, EFPIA, ABPI, Australia and beyond, including all associated currency and language needs. Consummate Spark is extended through modules and served by multi-level support options to alleviate much of the burden of aggregate Spend transparency.

Product Overview

Consummate Spark™ embodies many of the different capabilities required of a mature global transparency platform. Spark is a highly configurable hosted solution built on a strong data quality backbone with flexible Spend templates and rules engines, and has an integrated enterprise reporting platform. Spark is Master Data neutral, integrates with Concur through a certified webservice Connector, handles all currency exchange requirements and exposes all Spend for usage beyond regulatory reporting obligations.

Spark Add Ons

Concur Connector

Alanda and Concur have formed a partnership that merges Alanda’s Consummate Spark™ and Consummate Provider™ solutions with Concur’s expense reporting…

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Review (Pre-disclosure)

Submission Management

The Submission Management module for Consummate Spark gives Users the ability to store and manage their Submissions to CMS, EFPIA…

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  • Rules
  • Consume
  • Cleanse
  • Transparency
  • Monitor
  • Global
  • Modules
  • Recipients


  • Built in standard reports for global Regulatory jurisdictions.
  • Built in Gap reports to help identify missing reportable recipients.
  • Flexible Reportable business rules engine.
  • Regulatory Categorization to translate Spend into regulatory taxonomies.
  • Reports work with Regulatory profile sets such as VPL, NPPES or the MA Recipient List.
  • Module to store and manage Submitted Spend.


  • Built in report to monitor Individual Spend thresholds.
  • Built in report to monitor Aggregate Spend thresholds.
  • Built in report to monitor Occurrence thresholds.
  • Save and schedule parameterized monitoring.


  • EFPIA, CMS, France, States, ABPI, Calculates Exchange Rate conversation for over 150 currencies.
  • A single instance of the Consummate Spark accommodates all reporting.
  • Stores up to three currencies for each transaction.
  • User interface supports multiple languages, set by User preference.
  • Global Segmentation of access to Spend and Master data.


  • Modules add additional capabilities to the core Spark platform.
  • Submission Management stores and marks every reported record for every regulatory requirement, including CMS, EFPIA and others.
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting gives Users access to all their data in a drag and drop reporting environment.
  • CMS Analytics gives users access to the CMS published data for market analysis in powerful dashboards and reports.


  • Spark works with all Master data sets, from dedicated Master Data firms as well as internally managed Master Data teams.
  • Works with International Master Data profiles in native languages.
  • Matching engine allows for multiple Recipient matching rules.
  • Alanda augments Master Data with Regulatory profile information such as for VPL, NPPES, Teaching Hospitals, MA Recipient List and others.


  • All rules are available through the User Interface.
  • Reporting Rules determine when Spend is reportable to each regulatory body.
  • Matching Rules identify Spend Recipients.
  • Qualitative Rules enforce clean data standards.
  • Enrichment Rules automatically clean up the Spend data.


  • Begin with baseline regulatory fields, easily add more as needed.
  • Bring in Spend through flexible built in templates, designed to meet reporting needs; easily add more templates as needed.
  • Concur Connector to process Concur Spend automatically.
  • Create and manage Spend through the User Interface.


  • Built in baseline Quality rules in line with Regulatory requirements.
  • Configure new Quality rules through the UI.
  • Configure combination Quality rules to address complex requirements.
  • Clean up problems automatically with an Enrichment engine.
  • Set default values.
  • Transform long value to standardized ISO codes.
  • Users can manually see and fix problems in the Spend.
  • Full audit trail for all changes to the Spend.