Activity Management Solution

Solution enablement of the HCP / HCO engagement process for Life Sciences companies can be game-changer.

Alanda has incorporated best practices processes, workflows, and controls into our HCP Engagement solution – providing a significant accelerator for software enabling of your interactions. The power of the configurable/No coding needed technology platform allows to quickly implement and integrate your existing systems to bring to life a customized and cost-effective solution in record time.

Needs Assessment

State the need and general information for numerous types of Activities across the globe. Engage Approvers of various departments to assure business and regulatory compliance.  

HCP/HCO Nominations

Find existing Vendor HCPs and HCOs or create and manage as needed. Nominate, pause nominations and restart as needed. Manage KOL profiles, including CVs FMV tiering and more.

Fair Market Value

Support legitimate HCP payments by using only approved global compensation rates across your entire organization. Use internal developed FMV rates, FMV Service provided rates or bespoke consulting FMV rates.


Facilitate legal oversight with central storage of contracts and revisions on a platform that integrates easily with your contract management system.

Events & Payments

Provides financial oversight of HCP/HCO engagements to control and substantiate proper payments/transfer of value.

Activity Reports

Control and substantiate proper payments, trigger OK2pay approvals for payment generation, and compare budget to actuals for insight into activities.


Ongoing end-to-end oversight of HCP/HCO engagements to improve performance and advance business goals.

Download our “HCP Engagements – Self-Awareness. Insight. Foresight.”