Alanda provides value enhancing services that increase the business intelligence for our clients.


A Suite of Spend Data & Management Services

Alanda Services represent a suite of support and value-added services for our SaaS solutions for the Life Sciences industry. Our services team is comprised of a group of dedicated professionals with deep knowledge of our products and the markets they serve. Each support person is dedicated to the success of our clients and the value that they receive from our products.

Alanda provides value enhancing spend management services that increase the applicable business intelligence for our clients.

Data Stewardship

  • Managing the flow of spend data from the various internal and external sources is central to the operation of both our Data Management and Transparency Reporting solutions.
  • Alanda’s Data Stewardship services allow clients to outsource responsibility of the day to day operations for the flow of data to Alanda, letting our clients focus directly on their business issues, and less on the plumbing.

Vendor Management

  • Let Alanda take on the task of monitoring and working with your third party providers of Spend.
  • We will monitor data quality issues, participate in responsibility work-flow and work with Providers and internal personnel as needed to ensure the best possible flow of Spend from your Providers to you.
  • When clients fully outsource their Provider management to Alanda we assume all operational responsibility.