Services Overview

Alanda Services represent a suite of support and value-added services for the Consummate family of SaaS products for the Life Sciences industry. Our services team is comprised of a group of dedicated professionals with deep knowledge of our products and the markets they serve. Each support person is dedicated to the success of our clients and the value that they receive from our products.

Alanda provides value enhancing services that increase the applicable business intelligence for our clients.

Data Stewardship

Managing the flow of spend data from the various internal and external sources is central to the operation of both the Spark and Provider systems. Alanda’s Data Stewardship services allow clients to outsource responsibility of the day to day operations for the flow of data to Alanda, letting our clients focus directly on their business issues, and less on the plumbing.

Provider Management

Let Alanda take on the task of monitoring and working with your third party providers of Spend. We will monitor data quality issues, participate in responsibility work-flow and work with Providers and internal personnel as needed to ensure the best possible flow of Spend from your Providers to you. When clients fully outsource their Provider management to Alanda we assume all operational responsibility for Provider management this includes;

Intelligence Reporting

Although we know that our baseline reporting and Dashboards provide a great foundation for general access to your data, we also recognize that there is superior value to be found in tailoring the environment to our client’s particular way of thinking about information.

Interactive Dashboard

The Dashboards in our Spark and Provider products contain replaceable mini-reports. New mini-reports can be created to suit your needs, new charts as well as complete new Dashboard pages assignable to specific roles. The flexibility and power of the Dashboard environment can be tailored to your needs.

Customization of Environment

The systems start with most of the Spend and Thresholds exposed in general terms, in a powerful drag and drop environment. Consider how you’d like the information to be presented to you? Custom names on the fields? Show more? Show less and cut out the noise? Work with us to craft your perfect reporting environment.

Custom Reporting

At the core of our systems is a powerful and robust reporting platform which provides the ability for us to craft custom reports on your behalf that allow you to leverage your spend data to gain greater insights into your business. Tapping into this wealth of knowledge via custom reports can provide you with effective business intelligence that allow you to streamline or improve business processes and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Access to custom reports can be restricted to user roles or directly to user accounts ensuring access to sensitive data is restricted to audience it was intended for. Custom reports can not only run on demanded but also be scheduled and distributed electronically to your desired audience.