Consummate Spark

Problem Solved

Problem: Gather Spend from a wide variety of Global and Domestic sources, all speaking in different terms, fix quality issues, accurately associate the Spend with HCP and HCO recipients based on varying degrees of information, conform the Spend to conflicting regional, national and International guidelines that affect reportability as well as allocation methodologies, aggregate the Spend if needed and report it in the conflicting regional terms as stated by the various regional guidelines in various formats.

Solution:Consummate Spark is designed to serve the ever growing demands of the Global Aggregate Spend challenge and to be the best, most encompassing, informative and intuitive solution on the market. It combines an array of superior capabilities, such as a flexible business rules engine, easy feed configuration, true Ad-hoc reporting, Facets, which allows for multiple real-time interpreted views of Spend and much much more.

Product Overview

Consummate Spark™ is a leading Global SaaS based Aggregate Spend intelligence platform for the Life Sciences industry. The platform is designed to provide it’s users with a wide array of features that allow them to meet their Global Aggregate Spend reporting obligations, as well as gain insight into and actively monitor their Spend practices. Spark is used by multiple top ten pharmaceutical and medical device companies, as well as a wealth of smaller firms.

Features and Capabilities

  • Centralize and process all incoming Spend from multiple internal and external sources, through various formats and conditions.
  • Terminology alignment from sources to corporate and from corporate to regional.
  • A flexible business rules engine that creates multiple variations of interpreted data.
  • Reporting: State, Federal, International, Custom and Ad-hoc. Scheduling. Interactive Dashboards.
  • Monitoring and Alerting that extends well beyond Aggregate Spend.
  • Create, find and edit Spend directly in the system.
  • Audit trail all changes.



  • Adhere to regulations with confidence.
  • We adapt to your interpretations, your interpretations do not have to adapt to us.
  • Corporate governance capabilities beyond Aggregate Spend.
  • Business Intelligence at no extra cost.
  • Low impact on IT. Consummate Spark is a highly configurable and adaptable product.