Consummate Review

Problem Solved

Problem: Life Science manufacturers that are covered by the new federal and International laws for Aggregate Spend, need to pre-disclose their reportable Spend to the health care provider recipients prior to reporting. The Spend needs to be convenient for the health care providers to review and question as needed.

Solution: Consummate Review™ is a simple to use portal into which manufacturers can easily publish their recipient aligned Spend on a periodic basis, showing only the information they want. Upon login, the health care provider recipients can instantly see the Spend assigned to them, and open inquires if needed. The inquiries can be reviewed by the manufacturer, serve as communication between the manufacturer and the recipient and can be closed when resolved.

Product Overview

Consummate Review™ is a Global SaaS adjudication portal that gives pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers an easy and powerful way to pre-disclose their Spend on health care providers, to the Spend recipients, allowing the health care providers the opportunity to review and open inquiries about the Spend prior to reporting it to State, Federal, and International entities.

Features and Capabilities

  • Manufacturers can publish and re-publish spend data to the adjudication portal on demand or on a scheduled basis.
  • The system adapts to your data requirements and naming conventions.
  • Inquiry workflow responsibilities can be customized by the manufacturers.
  • Health care providers and Manufacturers can be notified via email of updates and changes to any open inquiries.
  • Manufacturers can publish updates to their reporting system in a custom designed format.



  • Minimize or eliminate health care provider disputes of reported spend.
  • Collaborate with health care providers in resolving disputed spend.
  • Allow health care providers to approve data prior to submission.