Consummate Provider

Problem Solved

Problem:Receiving low quality Spend from third party vendors, International subsidiaries and internal systems is a continuing difficulty for most Life Science organizations. Some of the primary causes are:

  • Low quality / inaccurate Spend information / lacking Recipient information on Spend
  • Poor communication across companies involved in the lifecycle of Spend
  • Difficulty in communicating, publishing and enforcing quality related requirements
  • Difficulty working across languages
  • Managing Spend transmissions from outside sources against contractual obligations
  • Lack of easy identification and remediation of issues and audit trail on changes

Solution: Consummate Provider offers a feature rich environment in which a Provider’s data quality can be improved, along with the ability to monitor missing information, prior to the Client receiving the Spend.

Product Overview

Consummate Provider™ is a Global SaaS based Data Quality remediation portal designed to help both Life Science organizations and their third party Providers improve their ability to capture, transmit and receive Spend associated with Health Care Providers. The Consummate Provider accomplishes it’s goals with a collection of advanced features focused on data quality management, inter-company responsibility work-flow and customizable configurations that allow it to adjust to the client’s data requirements.

Features and Capabilities

  • Ability to present data and configuration in any local language (ie…French, Japanese, etc..)
  • Centralize and process all incoming Spend from multiple third party Providers; in addition, accept Spend from internal departments with similar quality issues.
  • Give users configurable Rights, assignable workflow Responsibilities and constrainable data visibility.
  • The Client can create data elements with various data types and related lists, to ensure the QA Portal reflects their data needs.
  • Configurations craft different presentations and element groupings, which allow a CSO to work through a different data template than a Meeting Management firm.
  • A flexible Validation and Review rule manager let’s the system work on behalf of the client to ensure that the Client’s exact data needs are met and that no Spend passes through the portal without meeting their requirements.
  • Take in all Spend regardless of its quality and offer the responsible user many paths to repair and improve it.



  • Improve the third party Provider’s ability to manage and send high-quality Spend records.
  • Collaborate with Providers by establishing bi-directional Responsibility workflows.
  • Allow Providers to see and resolve their own Spend data issues.
  • Only clean/approved Spend is submitted to the Client in one consistent format.
  • Each Provider sees the data and rules that are specific to them.